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The UN Forum on Forests launch the 2011 International Year of Forests.

NASA's MESSENGER spacecraft will arrive in orbit around Mercury.

The worlds fastest supercomputer and the first commercial Flying Car

In 2011:

Due 2011

44th President: Barack Obama
Assumed office January 20th 2009

The average house costs $218,200

The average car costs $28,150

The average wage is $44,670

Nintendo 3DS

Expected 2011:
The Transition

The flying car from Terrafugia will be officially launched in 2011 provisionally priced at $195,000. The plane to car transition is stated to take less than 30 seconds from the comfort of the cockpit

Blue Waters

Due for completion
in 2011 in Illinois - the
world's fastest supercomputer

Photo: kosheahan's photostream

Photo: Terrafugia

Chevrolet Volt

GM's plug-in hybrid electric vehicle. Nationwide availability
in the U.S. is scheduled to begin in late 2011