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John Logie Baird demonstrates mechanical television

The United States Congress passes the Air Commerce Act, licensing pilots and planes

In New York, the Warner Brothers' Vitaphone system premieres with the movie Don Juan starring John Barrymore

In 1926:

1926 Liquid Fuel Rocket

Robert Goddard launches the first liquid-fuel rocket, at Auburn, Massachusetts. "The first flight with a rocket using liquid propellants was made yesterday at Aunt Effie's farm." he said afterwards

Inventions in 1926

30th President: Calvin Coolidge
August 2nd 1923 - March 4th 1929

1926 Packard 243 Touring

Photo: NASA

The average house cost $8,236
Equivalent today: $101,811

The average car cost $380
Equivalent today: $4,697

The average wage was $1,043
Equivalent today: $12,893