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After four years of experimentation, De la Cierva developed the articulated rotor which resulted in the world's first successful flight of a stable rotary-wing aircraft in 1923 with his C.4 prototype

The worlds first domestic refrigerator sold in Sweden

In 1923:

1923 Time magazine

The TIME Magazine's premiere issue, featuring Speaker Joseph G. Cannon on its first cover. Time magazine was created in 1923 by Henry Luce, making it the first weekly news magazine in the United States. Cost 15 cents

Inventions in 1923

29th President: Warren G. Harding
March 4th 1921 - August 2nd 1923

1923 Alfa Romeo RM Sport

The average house cost $8,142
Equivalent today: $104,364

The average car cost $393
Equivalent today: $5,037

The average wage was $1,066
Equivalent today: $13,664