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The toggle light switch is invented by William J. Newton and Morris Goldberg

The Boy Scouts of America incorporated

The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers is founded in the United States

In 1916:

1916 First Piggly Wiggly store

The concept of a self-service grocery store was developed by American entrepreneur Clarence Saunders and his Piggly Wiggly stores. His first store opened in Memphis, Tennessee, in 1916

Inventions in 1916

28th President: Woodrow Wilson
March 4th 1913 - March 4th 1921

1916 Packard Twin

The average house cost $6,187
Equivalent today: $124,196

The average car cost $440
Equivalent today: $8,832

The average wage was $641
Equivalent today: $12,867

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Photo: Piggly Wiggly